Sailing Yachts

Sailing just for fun, listening to the sound of wind and waves - sailing yachts represent by far the largest part of the charter fleets. Comfortable cruisers or fast performance yachts, shorter sailboats for easy handling by small crews, large yachts for family & friends, economic monohulls or modern flagships for sailing with all amenities from bow thruster to air conditioning: We offer the perfect sailing yacht for all sailing crews!




Sailing Catamarans

Plenty of room and living space on board, cockpit and salon directly connecting inside and outside areas, relaxed sunbathing on the net  - and shallow draft, in order to anchor close to the beach: Especially in sunny and exotic sailing areas, sailing catamarans are more popular thank ever. And modern charter catamarans sail fast - with much more speed than many traditional sailing skippers expect!




Motor yachts / Power boats

Cruising fast to the next bay or beach bar, enjoying full speed: for many skippers motor yachts the first choice. Less time travelling means more time at the destination - and some family members often feel more comfortable aboard  motor yachts. Power boaters can plan their trips and stops without paying to much attention to the winds - and anchor in shallow water thanks to little draft. Motor yachts often offer a lot of luxury.




Motor Sailers / Gulets

For larger families or groups of friends who want to spend a relaxing holiday on the water, motor sailers or gulets are perfect. They are especially popular in Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. Depending on your budget, we can find rather economic gulets for you. But numerous motor sailers offer as well such a lot of luxury and services that they fit better the category of "luxury crewed yachts."


Luxury Yacht


Luxury Crewed Yachts

Exclusive design from the outside, stylish interiors and all the amenities from WIFI to high tech entertainment, a wide range of water toys and a crew that meets almost every need: luxury yachts offer the perfect holiday - luxury sailing yachts (from performance yachts to classic beauties), motor yachts or impressive super yachts. For more information about luxury yacht charters please check the following site: www.yachtcharter-connection.com/Luxury_Yachts.html